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Retirement Planning and Wealth Management in Cheadle, Cheshire

Life's Stages: Later Life Planning

Life stages post retirement

Later life financial planning can begin at any age, but typically you are likely to have been retired for a few years, your pension income is in payment and is stable, and you have investments and savings from several sources.

Your own children may be financially independent but are now going through their own financial life cycle, having to contend with rising mortgage or rental costs, costs of raising a family of their own, saving for school fees etc.

You may wish to consider consolidating your assets, generating an additional income to enhance your lifestyle, or you may be considering how best to help the next generation of your family.

Keyline can help guide you through the later life options of asset preservation, income generation, Inheritance Tax Planning and family succession planning. We can help you plan financial for when you are not around and ensure that you minimise the tax burdens for your loved ones and pass on wealth to the people you want to benefit.