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Retirement Planning and Wealth Management in Cheadle, Cheshire

Life's Stages: Aged 55-65 Approaching Retirement

Life stages between 40 and 50

As you approach retirement, your family may be financially independent, and you may have little or no mortgage.

At this stage, your focus may lean heavily towards what kind of retirement provision you have, and will it be enough to do the things you want to do? You may be considering a phased retirement, how much money you have saved into your pension pot and other investments, and how much state pension you are entitled to.

You may be contemplating those last few years of contributions, whilst you can afford it. Keyline can help you maximise the allowances and options available to you and help you forecast and understand what your finances will be like in retirement.

There are many decisions to make when approaching retirement, let us help, give us a call

A pension is a long term investment. The fund value may fluctuate and can go down. Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.